Petar Vujović

Family name:   Vujovic

First names:     Petar

Date of birth:    11 July 1986

Nationality:       Montenegrin

Civil status:      Single



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Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:


Fine Art Academy Cetinje, MA specialist studies (Interactive design)



Fine Art Academy Cetinje, postgraduate specialist studies (graphic design of books)



Fine Art Academy Cetinje, department of graphic designer, Degree of Bachelor (BA)


Foreign language: English



Present position: Assistant at the University of Donja Gorica Montenegro, Faculty for multimedia production and graphic design;

Years within the firm:  from January 2015;


                               Art director at Bicommunication, Podgorica

Years within the firm:  from February 2020;


Qualifications and skills

  • 16 years of experience as graphic designer on permanent positions in relevant institutions
  • Since 2009 working as a free-lance graphic designer on many projects with international advertising agency, government and nongovernment institutions:


  • General professional experience
  • Knowledge of EU and its policies European integration process of Montenegro due to the position as the graphic designer at the EU Info centre and due to experience with other EU funded project
  • Windows and Mac: Internet, Microsoft Office(expert level)
  • Adobe Photoshop (expert level)
  • Illustrator (expert level)
  • In Design (expert level),
  • Adobe After Effects (expert level)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (expert level)
  • Software: Font Lab, Font Struct (Advanced level)
  • Experience with visual animations




Specific professional experience


  • Experience with TV production ( worked on visual identity of TV shows, jingles, commercials…)




Professional experience

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Company& reference person



From February 2018 – ongoing


BI Communication

Art Director

Creating visual concepts, communicating ideas, developing the layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports in coordination with the team.

Since January 2015


University of Donja Gorica




Assistant at the Faculty for multimedia production and graphic design

Lecturer at 2 programs: Typography and Graphic design.

Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate design, graphic design, and digital media courses; managing the design lab; contributing to course and curriculum development; collaborating with other art and design faculty members; participating in assessment activities; supervising students in internships and professionally related activities internally and externally; actively serving on program and university wide committees; scholarly, creative and/or professional activity; among other activities.


Since January 2014-2019


EU Info Centre 


Graphic designer

Designing info-graphics on EU Assistance to Montenegro, informative brochures, publications, promotional materials for different kind of events.

February 2014 – October 2015


Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje


Teaching  Assistant

Teaching assistant at Interactive Design program.

2009- 2011


“Digital Print Center” DPC


graphic designer

During this business engagement I have achieved and improved my experience in almost every domain of graphic production and design. Improved and got acquainted with almost every process of printing, especially offset print, digital print and large format print.

As a chief designer I got familiar with responsibility of high-budget projects, in terms of both, creativity and production, I have achieved high level in communication with clients and also significant experience in teamwork.

2008 - 2009


TV Budva


graphic designer

In TV Budva I succeeded to improve and develop creative possibilities in TV production, too, where I have worked on visual identity of TV shows of a different character – opening credits, jingles, TV commercials…


List of Refernces:

Delegation of European Union to Serbia

(production of infographics, pictograms, flyers, posters and other

visual materials)


Contact Person: Patrick Schmeltzer, Media and Public Relations Office




Delegation of European Union to Montenegro – EU Info Centre (production of pictograms, bildboards, posters,

flyers, books, social media and website content)


Contact Person: Zvezdana Drakic, Team Leader



Robert Bosch Stiftung – Bosch Alumni Network (production of statistical data gifs, handbooks, newsletters

for projects for Western Balkan journalists)


Contact Person: Lisa Richter




Relevant projects:

  • Total visual identity for the Environmental Awareness Campaign “Be a champion!” (Baci otpad na pravo mjesto, Budi šampion), conducted by the EU Info Centre in Montenegro during 2017;
  • Total visual identity for the Environmental Awareness campaign "I don’t need a plastic package! I have a shopping bag! " (Necu kesu, Imam ceger!) conducted by the EU Info Centre in Montenegro during 2017;
  • Total visual identity for the Environmental Awareness campaign "Beat Plastic Pollution! (Spremni za promjenu, spriječimo zagadjenje plastikomconducted by the EU Info Centre in Montenegro during ;
  • Design of the Billboard for Human Rights awareness campaign, conducted by the EU Info Center during 2015 – 2016 ;
  • TV Event announcment in HD resolutiion for the Campaign "Respect trafic signalisation, respect life" ( Poštujš signalizaciju, poštuješ život ), conducted by the Ministry of Transport of Montenegro , during 2016


Other relevant information (e.g., Publications)

Awards during my faculty education:

  • Scholarship from “European Movement”, as one of 20 best students of final year on the University of

Montenegro / prize trip to: Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, which lasted for a month (2008)

  • Scholarship from “WUS Austria”, a project on subject: Innovative project ideas in the field of academic cooperation and exchange between Austrian and Montenegrin higher education institutions (2009-2010)
  • Fine Arts Academy Award on a final exhibition 2009, for best design (Bibliophile book “Concept st-art”, award “Primo design”)
  • First prize on the open competition of Post of Montenegro- design of a stamp on subject “100 years of Railways of Montenegro” (2008)

I have participated in numerous group exhibitions and festivals in Montenegro and abroad, but here I would like to mention:

  • Cetinje, “Billiard House” and “Blue Palace”,
  • Podgorica, “Centre of Contemporary Arts”,
  • Belgrade, World Biennial of student drawings,
  • Novi Sad, World Biennial of illustration and design,
  • Vienna, exhibition “Art Exchange” (art editor of the catalogue), Atelierhaus Vienna,
  • Maribor, “Magdalena festival of graphic design and multimedia”
Petar Vujović
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