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mr Andrijana Popović

Andrijana Popovic
Psychologist – Fashion phenomenon-related researcher
Study of research: "Personality and Fashion" (Belgrade, 1990)
"Giraffe Language" course and seminars of nonviolent communication (Belgrade, 2001)
Job experience in Fashion field (1992-2012):
Milan - Canale Moda (video magazine executive director), Pirovano-Montenapoleone
(communication and image responsible), Paris-Who's Next (young talents trade show), Caroll
(French label, triangle production).
She has acquired significant experiences within management and relational environment:
Her job is creative and methodical at the same time, on the basis of the research done in
order to highlight the importance of Fashion phenomenon-related psychologic function:
non-verbal communication, image/identity and the phenomenon of first impression.
She actually collaborates with high-quality professional profiles, image Consultants, members
of AICI Association - Capitolo Italia - Project RMM Consultant – International – 2014, creator,
curator and author Fashion Intelligence Book-project - Edizioni dal Sud, 2016. Professor,
professor of Art, Fashion&Design Psychology at UDG University, Podgorica, Montenegro –
Talent coach 2017.
Andrijana Popovic is a Fashion phenomenon-related researcher, Professor of ArtFashion&Design at ‘UDG'University, city of Podgorica, Montenegro, consultant and mental
coach of creative realities which operate in Art, Fashion and Design field.
Psychologist graduated at the University of Psychology in Belgrade – with ‘Personality and
Fashion'specialisation study (1990), about the research of Fashion phenomenon-related,
body covering, visual communication, aesthetic empathy and symbol of a positive
difference in creativity.
Before becoming a fashion phenomenon-related researcher, she worked as a visual
producer, PR, talent hunter, creative advisor at the young talents trade show in Paris, Who's
Next, for Italy.
As Executive Director of Canale Moda in Milan and as Talent Hunter, she has taken the lead
of planning of visual communication programs, to apply the psychological science within the
fashion environment too.
In 2016 she published FASHION INTELLIGENCE, a book-project supported by Milan-based
Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré, gathering together an active group of researchers and
authors oriented towards dynamic research of different cognitive, scientific and stylistic
Andrijana has managed and collaborated to many projects of international researches, in
order to promote Fashion System within the culture and art world. Her research is now
focused on comprehension and support of Fashion development, Talent vision, visual
communication, ethical aspect within the extended context of the Fashion system, with the
application of psychological science.
Considering her background and current commitment within the consultancy and coaching
training field, Andrijana represents a reference point and a keen eye to follow for the
psychological intuitions based on evidence of the Fashion field.

mr Andrijana Popović
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